About Us

What is UOE Racing

UOE Racing is the University of Ottawa’s premier electric car racing team. We are a unique team in the Faculty of Engineering as we are the only team that designs and builds our own electronics.

Our Team Goal

This team was created with the intention of providing an opportunity for electrical, mechanical, and software engineers to apply their knowledge while gaining valuable experience. Our goal is to innovate electric vehicles by making them as efficient as possible. We work hard to build a competitive car for the Prototype Electric category in the Shell Eco-Marathon.

Our Competition - The Shell Eco-Marathon

For our first year in 2018, we designed and built our car from the ground up, tying electrical, mechanical, and software projects together. With all the systems last year, we were able to pass technical inspection, get on the track, and gain valuable experience. We were very proud of all we accomplished last year and this year we are setting our goals even higher. We plan to do better in 2019 with a larger team and strong support from our Faculty Advisers, Dr. David Knox and Dr. Patrick Dumond. This team would not be able to compete without the support of CEED and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa.